Dr. Alan Redman

Iconoclast, visionary, raconteur.

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Iconoclast, visionary, raconteur. These are just three terms that, until now, have never been employed in a profile of Dr Alan Redman. A Work & Organisational Psychologist and a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, Dr Alan has over 27 years of experience designing psychometrics and assessment technologies. Never average, rarely mean, always kind. 

Dr Alan works is Chief Science Officer at Clevry and an early pioneer of assessment technologies as an architect of online psychometrics in the late 1990s. He has nurtured the forward thinking, pragmatic, and strategic philosophy that underpins Clevry’s successful navigation of technology advances in assessments over the last 20 years. His spidey-sense for pseudo-science, fads, bandwagons, and evidence-free marketing claims has ensured that Clevry’s direction of travel avoids the bear-traps and harnesses the strengths of new technology developments. 

Dr Alan is an Associate Fellow of the Digital futures at work research centre, with whom he and his science team at Clevry are investigating differences in online behaviours among neurodiverse and neurotypical people completing online psychometrics. 

He is also a Fellow of Birkbeck College, University of London, where his research interests focus on the psychology of cycle-commuting; understanding how behaviour change happens in relation to decisions to ride to work. 

Dr Alan has frequently provided comment for the press in the areas of technology, social networking and online behaviour. He has published two books relating to the provision of support for test-takers, which are available through all good book shops. 

You may spot Dr Alan in all weathers cycling from the South Downs to the sea on his way to the Clevry Brighton office. He has been seduced by the complicated joys of cycling up steep hills; his time in the saddle has given him a thousand-yard-stare, a determined set to his jaw, and oily fingernails. 

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