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After completion of all three courses and the final exams you will be awarded a certification badge and diploma proving your understanding of how soft skills impact work. Sign up to upgrade your soft skills knowledge.. Sign up for free today!





Dr. Alan Redman

Dr. Alan Redman

Head of Science and Technology

Alan works as the Head of Science & Technology with Clevry. He's a HCPC Registered Occupational Psychologist and a Fellow at Birkbeck.

Laura Harrison-1

Laura Harrison

Head of Psychology

An expert in developing and implementing psychometrics. Laura’s a great believer in the value psychometrics can add to identifying talent and the importance of developing awareness of what makes them great.




The Soft skills certification is split up into three online courses. After completion of all three courses and the final exams you will be awarded a certification badge and diploma proving your understanding of how soft skills impact work.


Module 1
2 Hours
Soft-skills intensive jobs place significant demands on the moment-to-moment decisions that people make to respond effectively with the right behaviours and approach. Our soft-skills behaviours and the choices that drive them are largely determined by our personality. In this module you will learn how to identify the personality soft skills lead to successful performance at work.
Module 2
2 Hours
Decades of research has identified a significant link between our cognitive soft skills and performance at work. How we think, make judgements, solve problems and apply our mental firepower to challenges is critical to soft-skills jobs at every level. This module explores the link between general mental ability and soft-skills performance.
Module 3
Structured Interviews
2 Hours
Unconscious bias, subjectivity, poor predictive power, and inconsistent candidate experiences are all common symptoms associated with traditional employment interviews. This module covers best practice principles for maximising the power of interviews to predict soft-skills performance. You will learn how to get the best from all formats of interview, including structured, video, virtual, and psychometric powered.


Watch our introduction to soft skills to learn about the importance of soft skills in recruitment and development, and how you can benefit from using them, including; latest trends and statistics, soft vs hard skills, how to measure soft skills.


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