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Insights Report - Engineering Personality test.

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Personality plays a significant role in a Project Manager’s effectiveness. While technical skills and knowledge are crucial, the right personal attributes enable a Project Manager to lead effectively, communicate well, build relationships, adapt to change, resolve conflicts, and solve problems.

In order to effectively hire the best Project Manager candidates, you need to quickly and accurately identify job applicants who have the critical attributes to thrive in a Project Manager role in your organization. Clevry’s Project Manager personality test is designed to assess a job applicant’s personality and behavioural suitability for roles in project management to help you make the right hiring decision.

Insights Report provides a comprehensive exploration of key findings from an individual’s personality profile based on their responses to the questionnaire.

It is a good all-around report for recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals to explore key findings from an individual’s personality profile. It examines how an individual will likely respond to people, tasks, demands, and rewards in an Engineering role.

What’s in the Engineering Insights report?

All Clevry assessment reports have a page dedicated to ensuring users fully understand the background and purpose of the report, how to correctly interpret the results it presents, the conditions of using the report and where further information can be found about the job applicant.

Profile summary

A summary of the job applicants' preferences and tendencies compared to other Project Manager personality test takers in an easy-to-read profile table.

Strongest preferences

Details the top five personality dimensions on which the individual describes themselves as being most different from other people. Teardrop icons indicate whether these self-ratings were higher or lower in relation to the comparison group.

A short scale description and the competency heading under which each personality trait falls are provided to direct readers to the relevant section should they wish to read more on a particular scale.

Response style

Indicates how self-critical a job applicant was when completing the Project Manager personality test and provides advice on adapting your approach when interpreting and exploring the report to minimise the effects of response style.

This page also gives you a better grounding of what response style means and its impact, including causes, its link with job performance and the importance of corroborating profile insights.

Scale exploration pages

Clear tables set out your applicants’ responses to the questionnaire. Each personality scale the applicant completes is explored in more detail, with each competency heading having a dedicated page for the associated scales.

High and low-scale descriptors are included to make sure you fully understand what an applicants’ score on a scale may look like in the workplace.