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Liverpool John Moores University

Transforming selection for university courses

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) transformed the way they assess students for their Paramedic, Midwifery, Pharmacy and Nursing undergraduate courses through psychometric assessments and video interviews, fostering efficiency, fairness, and diversity. 

Located in Liverpool, England, LJMU is known for its dedication to innovation and research. Offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as paramedic science, midwifery, and pharmacy.  

Seeking to improve their student application process, particularly for their critical degree programs, midwifery, and pharmacy, LJMU has implemented Clevry’s psychometric assessment platform to meet their unique hiring challenges. 

LJMU case study


Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) faced challenges sifting for paramedic, midwifery, and pharmacy degree courses, including biases in personal statements, time-consuming review processes, and experiencing high no-show rates for interviews.  

By partnering with Clevry, LJMU implemented psychometric assessments and video interviews, transforming its selection process, enhancing efficiency, and promoting diversity. 


LJMU’s traditional sifting methods relied heavily on personal statements and predicted grades, introducing  biases and inefficiencies into their selection process.

Heavy reliance on personal statements disadvantaged candidates, especially those without university-educated parents, while the extensive review required for these statements long led to delays in the selection process.

Additionally, the rigid scheduling of face-to-face interviews resulted in high no-show rates, consuming valuable lecturer time. 


Our Approach

Clevry introduced innovative psychometric assessments and video interviews to address these challenges.

This approach allowed for a fairer assessment of candidates, reducing the influence of external factors like parental education.

Video interviews offered further flexibility to applicants, accommodating their schedules and reducing anxiety associated with traditional interviews. 


The Results

By implementing Clevry’s assessment platform, LJMU experienced some excellent results: 


  • Efficiency:
    The recruitment process became more streamlined, reducing the pressure on LJMU’s hiring & selection team.
  • Positive feedback:
    Candidates and the LJMU team reported positive experiences, describing the new process as exciting and innovative.
  • Increased offers and diversity:
    The number of firm and overall offers increased significantly for midwifery and paramedic science courses, indicating a more effective selection process. Additionally, a more diverse group of candidates was invited for interviews.
  • Reduced anxiety:
    The option to record video interviews reduced candidate anxiety, contributing to a more inclusive recruitment process.
  • Bespoke solutions and support:
    LJMU was very pleased with Clevry’s responsiveness and the ability to easily tailor psychometric assessments to their specific needs on the Clevry platform, alongside the dedicated support from an Account Manager.

LJMU’s collaboration with Clevry has not only enhanced its recruitment process but has also set a new standard for innovation in university admissions. Through bespoke solutions and responsive support, Clevry has helped LJMU overcome their challenges, making the admissions process more efficient, equitable, and inclusive. 

Candidate & academics feedback from online tests and video interviews

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