Case Study

Bourne Leisure

Diversity & Inclusion Board Selection Process

Clevry supported Bourne Leisure’s I&D Manager in designing and managing the end-to-end assessment process, from an internal applicant pool, to select 10 Board Members for the new Inclusion & Diversity Board.

This Board was designed to take the opinions and experiences of people across brands and job levels, to help Bourne Leisure create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.  

Bourne leisure case study

Our objective 

Born Leisure came to us with a need to design a fair, scientifically robust, and predictive process to select the members of the Board which would fulfil their diversity needs and not favour applicants based on just work experience alone 

Our approach

Clevry team of Business Psychologists, who have years of experience working with Bourne, conducted initial discovery interviews with subject matter experts to delve into the context and objectives of the I&D Board plus key role requirements and success factors.

We utilised literature and evidence on selection approaches for diversity-focused Boards as well as our expertise in assessment design to produce an Assessment Process and Matrix for this project.   

This design outlined the recommended stages of the assessment process, what resources, materials and stakeholders were required to make fair and objective selection decisions, for applicants across Bourne Leisure brands, for the Board. Consideration was given throughout to ensure the assessment activities provided a realistic job preview for the Board role to candidates.  

Our actions

  • Provided recommendations on the design of inclusive job adverts 
  • Drafted the email invitations sent out to applicants 
  • Designed a robust and psychometrically valid assessment process which would not disadvantage Bourne Leisure colleagues with less work experience 
  • Create bespoke psychometric assessments for an initial sifting stage 
  • Conducted assessor training with those involved in the assessment process 
  • Created a two stage interview process and an assessment exercise to assess suitability of applicants
  • Designed briefing materials for candidates and facilitators, and evaluation forms with clear scoring criteria 
  • Provided ongoing support and expert advice to stakeholders and the I&D Manager throughout the process 


  • Clevry psychometric assessment platform supported the sifting stage with a candidate pool of over 60 individuals, drastically reducing the  administrative workload for Bourne colleagues  
  • No adverse impact was found from Clevry’s psychometric assessments  
  • Clevry acted as Bourne Leisure’s trusted advisor, educating on best practice assessing, and supported candidate and stakeholder queries  
  • 10 Board Members were selected across brands, using a fair and objective process that can be adopted for years to come as the Board refreshes its members 
  • Bourne Leisure senior leaders involved with the I&D Board are incredibly happy and impressed with this hardworking, dedicated group, who are striving to achieve the business’ I&D objectives and make this a great workplace for everyone.  
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