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Psychometric Tests

Pre-work psychometric tests for recruitment, selection and development in South Africa

Psychometric Tests in South Africa

Clevry is a leading online psychometric test platform that allows you to create your own psychometric test campaigns for recruitment, selection, and development purposes.

Utilise a range of psychometric tests including personality questionnaires, situational judgement tests, cognitive ability tests, up-to date South African norm groups and recruitment data analysis.

Create your own psychometric tests by choosing from over 45 personality scales that reflect your corporate culture, or use one of our ready-to-use tests.

Platform Features

Fully classified

Fully classified with the HPCSA


Uses up-to date South African norm groups

Tailored PQs

Easily create customised personality questionnaires based on the traits that matter to you

Enhanced branding

Brand our platform and reports with your logo and company branding

Insightful reporting

Engaging, insightful and easy-to-understand psychometric test reports


End-to-end management of the candidate assessment journey

Utilise A.I.

Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create sharper, more accurate and targeted assessment batteries

Candidate is king

Puts your candidates at the heart of your psychometric test process

Cost effective

Reduce recruitment costs, make better hiring decisions and deliver positive ROI

Asset 8@2x

Cognitive Ability Tests

Ability Tests are available at three difficulty levels and has online verification capability.  A large item bank ensures unique candidate assessments to ensure testing authenticity. 

Clevry cognitive ability tests are fair to the candidate from a test-taking experience perspective as well as more generous timing for optimal performance.

Personality Questionnaires

Personality Questionnaires are available in:

  1. Ready-to-Use: core 20 Traits or Enhanced 36 Traits

  2. Best-Practice: a series of trait specified questionnaires developed to predict role performance

  3. Design Your Own: build your own questionnaire from the assessment library to ensure quick, relevant and targeted job performance prediction

‚ÄčDownload upto 9 reports dependent on the the assessment library applied.¬†

Situational Judgement Tests

SJTs* are highly effective in assessing competence for role-fit based on real life work situations.

  1. improve hiring fairness and reduces adverse impact

  2. Provide an engaging and realistic perspective of the role for the candidate

  3. Save assessment time versus large scale assessment centre exercises, for example: in-basket assessments

  4. Automate observations electronically

  5. Provide simpler access to cellphone assessment

*Graduate, Managerial and Leadership SJTs are available on the Clevry platform.  CHC Consulting can assist in designing SJTs for role specific needs.  

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