Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.



Transparent and simple 


Did you know that all our platform subscriptions include unlimited candidates?


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Assessment Acquisition Accelerate Advisory

Unlimited candidates

Assessment pricing

Don't worry about candidate unit costs. Our packages allow you to assess soft skills for unlimited candidates. Choose your package based on what you require. You can start with the basics and upgrade as you go along.

Annual contract
Monthly contract

Starting from



Soft skills assessments for hiring and development

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Get started with the essentials to get soft skills into your processes.



Starting from



Advanced soft skills features for your hiring needs


Get more assessments and features to dig deeper into soft skills.





Starting from



Customisable soft skills and features for advanced users


Industry-leading tailorability to fit your soft skills needs.


Managed Service

Per candidate



Have an assessment need that you don't want to, or have time to do yourself? Let us help, our experts will handle the whole process from going through the profile with you, to tailoring the assessments accordingly and  offering you the final feedback.



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Wondering what plan would suit you best or want to hear more about our assessments? Get in touch, we'll help you find the solution that's right for you.


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Compare Plans

A varitety of plans offers a variety of options to successfully implement soft skills in your organisation.

Cruiser Commuter Mountaineer

Beginners in soft skills and those who want to keep it really simple.

Soft skills assessment for hiring and development

Customisable soft skills for more advanced users
Soft Skills Stack
Unlimited Candidates
Unlimited Candidates. No candidate unit costs - assess as much as you like.
Unlimited Users
Candidate Experience
Automated candidate feedback reporting. Candidates can fill assessment in native language. Engaging and modern interface .
Standard PQs
Includes our all-round personality questionnaires for white collar and blue collar roles
Essential Reporting
Our most used personality profile report: Insights
Dashboard Results
See an overview of candidate soft skills results visually on your dashboard
GDPR compatible
Data Security
Clevry platform has the ISO-27001 certificate
Soft Skills Advanced Stack
Create Campaigns
Create customised assessment campaigns from our library of assessments.
Standard Ability Tests
Includes essential and mid-level numerical and verbal ability tests + mechanical test
Advanced PQs
Utilise our library of role-specific personality questionnaires
Advanced Reporting
Our use case specific reports for hiring and development; Selection, Interviewer, Team Strengths, Sales Strenghts and Onboarding
Access Permissions
Create and manage teams and their access rights.
Candidate Comparisons
Compare candidate results of up to six candidates visually in the dashboard
Soft Skills Bespoke Stack
Create PQs
Measure what's relevant for you by creating custom personality questionnaires from our library of 46 personality scales.
Job-match Assessments
Tell the platform what good looks like and start matching candidates against your ideal profile.
Grant Access
Easily share results through the platform across your organisation.
Multi-language Reporting
Report candidate results in your preferred language.
Group Reporting
Compare up to six candidates or team members with the help of our group reports; Team, Sales and Leadership Strenghts.
Leadership Reporting
View candidates through our Leadership Strenghts model and compare up to six persons.
Advanced ability tests
All high-level ability tests and abstract reasoning and checking tests.


Further up your soft skills game with our robust platform add-ons.

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Virtual Assessments

Put your assessment centre fully online and enchance candidate experience.

  • Virtual team exercises
  • Recorded interviews
  • Virtual group interviews
  • Upload/create own exercises
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Performance Module

Advanced HR insights into what drives job performance for each role in your organisation.

  • Performance ratings
  • Performance dashboard
  • Automatic correlation metrics
  • Role-specific performance profiles
Clevry - pricing

Structured Interviews

Create competency-based processess and include interview kits with assessor modules for evaluation.

  • Role process creation
  • eVal - virtual assessment centres & evaluation
  • Candidate wash-ups
  • Combine with our psychometrics

Calculate Your Price

Choose a plan to see pricing.

Campaign slots

One campaign slot is an assessment campaign you are using. One assessment campaign can include a variety of soft skills assessments for the candidate to complete depending on what purpose you are using the campaign for. Common purposes are role related campaigns or more general company-wide.


Benefits of campaign slots

Using a job-specific campaign the campaign slot will continously store assessment data relating to that role and any other metrics you fill in. Once you have enough data you can start seeing what good looks like for a specific role at your company. 


Clevry - Norm group comparison


Common questions

  • How long will my plan run?

    You can choose between an annual or monthly plan depending on what's best for you!

    You can also try our pay-as-you-go option, but as soon as you assess several candidates a month it's cheaper to go for a subscription. 

  • What's a campaign slot?

    A campaign slot is an assessments campaign on the platform. Depending on your subscription you can create campaigns and tailor the assessments you want to use. 

  • Do I need to enter my credit card details?

    No credit card needed. You can choose between monthly invoicing or one invoice per year - whichever feels comfortable. 

  • Can I try out a plan?

    Yes, you can! We provide limited free trials which usually requires a demo from our sales team prior to trialling. Contact us to discuss this option.


  • Can I get a demo?

    Of course you can! Just book a demo with one of our experts and we'll schedule in an online demonstration of the platform.


  • Can I switch between plans?

    You can always upgrade your current plan or add more add-ons.

    If you'd like to downgrade, switch from annual to monthly or remove add-ons you can just send us a message and you will be downgraded once your current subscription period runs through.

  • How much training do you require?

    One of the great things with our platform is that it's super easy to use which cuts down the training time.

    You will however need a basic level understanding of soft skills and psychometrics to get started. Typically this training consists of ½-2 days depending on your prior knowledge.

    This training is always included in our implementation and you'll also have access to our robust online help center.

  • What's included in the implementation?

    Full platform ssetup and super user trainings. Possible ATS integration work depending on your ATS.

    Remember that phone and email support is inlucded so you can ask us anything at anytime.

Recruitment services

Acquisition Pricing

Finding and ordering the right competence has never been this easy.


Recruitment Fees



Pricing case by case

Pricing case by case depending on profile and volume

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Young Professional

Young Professional

1.5X - 2.5X

monthly salary

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Pricing depending on profile and volume



1.5X - 2.5X

monthly salary

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Pricing depending on profile and volume



1.5X - 2.5X

monthly salary

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Pricing depending on profile and volume

Customer takes care of


Staffing Pricing

Happy young woman sitting on the floor with crossed legs and using laptop on gray background-1

Available part-time, for seasonal work or summer jobs. 


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portrait of young businessman in casual clothes at modern  startup business office space,  working%

Graduated with some years of work experience. Full-time availability.


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Several years of expertise from e.g. finance, administration or IT. 


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price 4 expert

+Eights years of hard skills expertise from core competencies.


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During 2020 we employed over 1600 professionals. We connect talents with the best suited employers out there.


Shall we discuss your recruitment needs?

Recruitment with upskilling

Accelerate by Clevry

Data Driven Solutions for IT Talent Shortage


Accelerate Pricing

Accelerate combines high-quality and efficient recruitment process, risk-free employment and professional competence boost. Hence, pricing is simple and all-inclusive.

Accelerate Data

Data Talents

Data Engineer / Data Scientist

49 €

per hour

Accelerate SQA

SQA Talents

Test Automation Engineer/Specialist

45 €

per hour

Accelerate Cloud

Cloud Talents

Cloud Developer/Engineer/Specialist

57 €

per hour

Custom soft skills and trainings

Advisory pricing

Customised soft skills solutions and insights to develop your organisation, find joy at work and create sustainable success


Managed Services

Here we offer Soft Skills as a service



by Business Psychologist


per day

Our experts work with you to create something amazing. Maybe you need a bespoke SJT or an assessment centre exercise that you can deliver virtually? Or your own norm group? Whatever it is, it's gonna be cool.




Managed Service


as managed service


per candidate

You have an assessment need, and you don't want to do it yourself? Let us help. Our expert will go through the profile with you, tailor the assessment accordingly, corroborate the reults in an interview with the candidate, and offer you the final feedback.


Critical Insights

Critical Insights

Leadership assessment


per candidate

We do not rely on one-size-fits-all approach to executive assessment. We understand your business, its unique demands, and existing team and we build a bespoke psychological assessment just for you.





Team Analysis

Team Analysis

Up to 5 individuals


£300 per additional person

Are you leading a new team or have a couple of new team members? Do you want to learn to work better as a team and get to know each other better? We deliver an interactive team development workshop in-person or online. Naturally we tailor it to your needs and team size. 

Training and certifications

Soft Skills and platform training sessions and certifications.

Platform training

Live training

Bi-weekly open trainings


per person

On-demand online training to get you up and running with the platform. And yes, you do get a cool certificate and it is OK to put it on your LinkedIn profile.



Platform certification

Live sessions

Client-specific training


per group

This is when we do a day's worth of training just for your company. Unlimited participants, but there are recommended sizes for groups. 
Soft skills certification


Online courses


per person

All you need to know about the recruiter's best tools for assessing a candidate's potential for any job. An in-depth certification course covering personality assessments, ability tests and structured interviews. 


Soft skills certification


Online courses


per company

Imagine if your whole company would be soft skills certified. All of us at Clevry are and it really does bring more Joy to our work. 



Tailoring and custom builds

When you need more customised platform and assessment solutions

Bespoke report

Bespoke Report

Fully bespoke


per report

When we build a new report just for you, with you colors and branding. It can actually be cheaper if we just tweak an existing one. 


For candidate journey



This is about making the candidate feel that they never leave your environment. This is very popular within our enterprise segment. Ask and we can show you a few examples. 

Custom Integration

ATS integration projects

from £10k

+extra work

There's nothing like using our assessments on our own platform, but there's a strong argument for integrations too. When you want to implement assessments in your existing processes, it helps if in-frequent users don't need to leave their familiar IT system to use Clevry's assessments. 
Performance profile

What good looks like

Role-specific project


per role

Do you have a role in your organisation where you have 100+ people working? Maybe your churn is higher than you'd like it to be. Maybe you would just like to know if the things you're focusing on now in your recruitment and development processes are the right ones. We assess the team, collect performance feedback from managers and analyse the data in order to understand what good looks like for you and which traits correlate with high performance.

Your needs - our solutions.

Get in touch to start a conversion with us. We're happy to provide insights and guidance for your soft skills plans whether you're thinking about using psychometrics, putting your assessment centre virtual or maybe just want to have a chat about soft skills


Feel free to give us call directly or fill in the form to get started.


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