Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.

For Jobseekers

Find your Joy at Work with help of soft skills and our free career tools.


Flexible pricing to suit every need.


Assessment Recruitment & payrolling Accelerate programs Advisory & training

One plan. All features. Unlimited candidates and assessments. Unlimited support.

Suitable for both start-ups and large organisations. Price adapts to the size of your team. Best-in-class candidate experience.



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Per annum

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  • Industry leading candidate satisfaction with smooth journeys and automated feedbacking
  • 20+ role specific and two standard personality questionnaires. Verbal, mechanical, numerical and abstract logic ability tests. Gamified situational judgement tests.
  • 15 reports for sifting, selection, interviewing and developing
  • Possibility to tailor and pick the traits you want to measure from our 46 strong trait library
  • Close the feedback loop by tracking performance and know what good looks like. Raise candidate quality, increase employee productivity, ROI and number of A players.

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Per annum or from £650 per process

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Have assessment needs that you don't want to, or have time to do yourself? Let us help, our experts will handle the whole process from going through the profile with you, to tailoring the assessments accordingly and offering you the final feedback.



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Platform plus additional features according to your needs:

  • Bespoke webskin
  • Bespoke candidate journey
  • Bespoke assessments and psychometrics
  • Virtual assessments
  • ATS/HRM/CRM solutions and integrations
  • Advisory and consulting services
  • Master vendor and assessment centers


Main platform features and functionalities 


  • Unlimited candidates

    Unlimited candidates. No candidate unit costs - assess as many as you like.

  • Unlimited users

    No limit on the amount of team members you have on the platform

  • Unlimited assessment campaigns

    Use as few or as many assessment campaigns as you need. Create your own or choose from our off-the-shelf ones.

    Generally assessment campaigns are used for a specific role or function where you can tailor which assessments are being used. Others choose to use only a few all-around campagins company-wide. Both works well!

  • Performance module

    Our platform includes Clevry's unique Performance Module to help you understand which traits really correlate with high performance specifically for your roles.

  • ATS integrations

    We work with open API's to help you implement soft skills assessments even smoother into your processes.

Assessment types

  • Personality questionnaires

    Includes our all-round personality questionnaires for white collar and blue collar roles. Utilise our library of role-specific personality questionnaires


  • Ability tests

    Includes our ability tests in all three difficulty levels; essential, mid-level and high-level:

    Numerical ability
    Verbal ability
    Abstract reasoning
    Checking test
    Mechanical reasoning

  • Situational judgement tests

    Access our off-the-shelf SJT's within e.g. customer service.

  • BPS accredited

    The British Psychological Society accredited assessments.


  • Candidate reports

    Includes our general candidates reports such as Abiltity report, Insights and Candidate Presentation Report as well as use-case specific reports for hiring and development; Selection, Interviewer, Team Strengths, Sales Strenghts, Onboarding and Leadership.

  • Online results

    See an overview of candidates soft skills results visually on your dashboard.

  • Candidate comparisons

    Compare results of up to six candidates visually on your dashboard.

  • Online and as downloadable

    Choose to view all the different reports in a GDPR friendly way directly within our platform or download them as PDFs.

  • Group reporting

    Compare up to six candidates or team members with the help of our group reports; Team, Sales and Leadership Strenghts.



  • Multi-language

    Report candidate results in your preferred language. Candidates can fill the assessment in their chosen language.

  • Create your own PQ's

    Measure what's relevant for your company and your roles by easily creating custom personality questionnaires from our library of 92 personality traits.

  • Assessment campaigns

    Create customised assessment campaigns from our library of assessments and pick and choose which assessments you want to inlucde.

  • Access permissions

    Create user roles and teams with specific access rights across the whole platform.

  • Job-match

    Tell the platform what good looks like and start matching candidates against your ideal profile.


Data security


Candidate experience

  • Automated feedback

    Choose if you want provide assessment takers automated feedback reporting once they have completed an assessment.

  • Multi-language

    Candidates can fill assessment in native language. You can report in your chosen language.

  • Modern interface

    We provide candidates with engaging, modern and device responsive assessment journeys.

Happy customers


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The right person at the right time with the highest predictivity

Clevry's recruitment services are centered around soft skills in order to find you the right people at the right time with the highest predictivity and the best culture fit on the market.


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per process

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We will tailor or use a role specific assessment matrix that filters and shortlists candidates according to the traits and abilities that correlates with success in a specific role. You will get access to an objective and scientific long list of candidates. The rest is up to you, but of course we are there to help if you would like more assistance.


Starting from


per process, or £160 per hour

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Let us help. Our recruiters, soft skills experts, will handle the whole process from going through the profile with you, to tailoring the assessments accordingly, help out with search, sifting, selection and interviews. We will offer you and candidates final feedback, and not stop there, but also help with onboarding. You choose how much and where you need help.


Starting from

1,5 X

monthly salary

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Outsource everything to us with limited risk. Our recruiters, soft skills experts, will handle the whole process from going through the profile with you, to tailoring the assessments accordingly, do the search, sifting, selection and interviews. We will offer you and the candidates final feedback, and not stop there, we will also help with onboarding.

Customer takes care of


Payrolling & staffing

In payrolling and staffing assignments Clevry is the legal employer and in charge of all employer responsibilities such as salary administration, insurances, sick leave, holiday pay, benefits etc.  

Starting from


per hour

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Flexible and quick learner. Available part-time, for seasonal work or summer jobs.

Young professional

Starting from


per hour

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Graduated with some years of relevant working experience. Full-time availability.


Starting from


per hour

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Several years of expertise within e.g finance, engineering, administration or IT.

Experienced professional

Starting from


per hour

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Eight + years of hard skills expertise from core competencies.

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Your new colleagues in IT, data and cloud

We will find and upskill your colleagues within IT, data and cloud. Accelerate combines high-quality and efficient recruitment process, risk-free employment and professional competence boost. Hence, pricing is simple and all-inclusive.

Accelerate Data

Data Engineer / Data Scientist


per hour

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Accelerate SQA

Test Automation Engineer/Specialist


per hour

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Accelerate Cloud

Cloud Developer/Engineer/Specialist


per hour

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Managed Services

Customised soft skills solutions and insights to develop your organisation, find joy at work and create sustainable success.


by Business Psychologist


per day

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Our experts work with you to create something amazing. Maybe you need a bespoke SJT or an assessment centre exercise that you can deliver virtually? Or your own norm group? Whatever it is, it's gonna be cool.




Assessment Service

Starting from


per candidate

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You have an assessment need, and you don't want to do it yourself? Let us help. Our expert will go through the profile with you, tailor the assessment accordingly, corroborate the reults in an interview with the candidate, and offer you the final feedback.

Critical Insights

Leadership assessment


per candidate

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We do not rely on one-size-fits-all approach to executive assessment. We understand your business, its unique demands, and existing team and we build a bespoke psychological assessment just for you.





Team Analysis

Up to 5 individuals


£300 per additional person

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Are you leading a new team or have a couple of new team members? Do you want to learn to work better as a team and get to know each other better? We deliver an interactive team development workshop in-person or online. Naturally we tailor it to your needs and team size.

Tailoring and custom builds

When you need more customised platform and assessment solutions

Bespoke report

Fully bespoke


per report

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When we build a new report just for you, with you colors and branding. It can actually be cheaper if we just tweak an existing one.



For candidate journey



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This is about making the candidate feel that they never leave your environment. This is very popular within our enterprise segment. Ask and we can show you a few examples. 


ATS integration projects

from £10k

+extra work

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There's nothing like using our assessments on our own platform, but there's a strong argument for integrations too. When you want to implement assessments in your existing processes, it helps if in-frequent users don't need to leave their familiar IT system to use Clevry's assessments. 

Performance profile

Role-specific project


per role

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Do you have a role in your organisation where you have 100+ people working? Maybe your churn is higher than you'd like it to be. Maybe you would just like to know if the things you're focusing on now in your recruitment and development processes are the right ones. We assess the team, collect performance feedback from managers and analyse the data in order to understand what good looks like for you and which traits correlate with high performance.


Training and certifications

Soft Skills and platform training sessions and certifications.

Platform training

Bi-weekly open trainings


per person

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On-demand online training to get you up and running with the platform. And yes, you do get a cool certificate and it is OK to put it on your LinkedIn profile.








Platform certification

Client-specific training


per group

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This is when we do a day's worth of training just for your company. Unlimited participants, but there are recommended sizes for groups. 

Soft skills certification

Online learning course


for all

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Gain a professional qualification in soft skills. Perfect for Managers, HR Professionals, Business Psychologists and Learning & Development Coaches. The course is led by Clevry's Head of Science & Tech Dr. Alan Redman and Head of Psychology Laura Harrison.



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Get in touch to start a conversion with us. We're happy to provide insights and guidance for your soft skills plans whether you're thinking about using psychometrics, putting your assessment centre virtual or maybe just want to have a chat about soft skills.