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What is psychometrics?

Psychometrics (aka psychometric tests or assessments) offer a fairer and more objective way of measuring a range of attributes such as cognitive ability, abstract, critical, verbal and numerical reasoning and behavioural style.

For a test to be considered ‚Äėpsychometric‚Äô, it must be standardised, reliable and valid. It also has to be consistent in its content, administration and scoring. This ensures the test is accurate and measures what it is supposed to, whilst omitting the influence of subjective biases.

>>>What is a psychometric test?

Psychometrics in recruitment

Psychometrics are used within recruitment and development processes to help employers identify the most suitable candidates for a job, based on how well their personality and cognitive abilities match the requirements of the role.

Most psychometric testing is completed online, though some paper formats are still used as part of assessment and development centres. Many psychometrics are timed, with the exception of some personality questionnaires which can be completed across multiple sittings.

Psychometrics may be used at different stages of the recruitment process:

At the early stages of selection to screen-out candidates who are likely to be unsuitable for the job

Prior to an interview as a tool for facilitating interesting discussions around a candidate’s profile

At a later stage, possibly with a second interview or as part of an assessment centre. You may wish to re-assess candidates at this point to confirm the results of earlier tests

Psychometrics can even be  used after your candidate has been hired to discover new areas for further learning, training and development.

Benefits of psychometrics


Talent Management

Provides an overall evaluation of a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and behavioural style at work with the aim of identifying the best fit for a particular job



Psychometrics offer a robust and scientifically valid way of assessing your candidates that is drastically reduces subjective influence and hiring bias


Better employee retention

Using psychometrics in your recruitment process can help to reduce rates of employee turnover. Knowing more about your candidates workplace behaviours and motivational drivers will allow you to make more effective hiring decisions.


Adds equality and fairness to recruitment process

Psychometric tests are standardised and scientifically validated to ensure that all individuals are assessed the same, reducing cognitive hiring bias.