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Healthcare scenarios assessment for clinical support staff.

The Health and Social Care sector continues to face high levels of staff shortage and employee turnover. This has an impact not only on the healthcare workforce but on the service users too.

Healthcare providers are now advised to use values-based recruitment to find individuals who share their values and are thus more likely to stay and provide high-quality, person-centred care. The scenarios-based assessment is a valid and reliable method to capture these values. The scenarios aim to:

– Give a realistic preview of the realities of a clinical support role.

-Assess candidates’ suitability for the role by providing employers with helpful information about how a candidate may behave in different situations.

Who is it for?

The scenarios are designed for clinical support staff, i.e. healthcare employees who work directly with service users and provide support to qualified clinical staff. Clinical support staff usually support doctors, nurses and midwives, as well as scientific, therapeutic, technical and ambulance staff. Such roles may include healthcare assistants, support workers, nursing assistants, physiotherapy assistants, phlebotomy assistants, dietetic assistants, and other support staff. According to NHS Digital, Clinical support staff comprise approximately a quarter of the healthcare workforce.

Why should you take part?

We want to make this worth your while, and so by taking part, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. A sneak peek:  Be the first to see this industry-leading new assessment process in action!
  2. Part of the industry benchmark:  Your assessment data and a select number of other clients will be used to create the industry benchmark.
  3. Personal Feedback Reports:  Everyone that completes the assessments will be sent a personal feedback report Рa strengths-based report designed to give individuals insights into their preferred style of approach when it comes to working.

The Scenarios

Utilising our years of expertise, as well as input and insight from clients, Clevry has developed a scenarios-based assessment that embeds four core values that we have found are important for the clinical support role:

What happens in the trial?

Your current employees will be sent a link to complete three short assessments shown on the right:

What do you need to do?

The trial is a chance for us to get the data we need to do all the nerdy stuff in the background to help us make this assessment the best it can be. For you, taking part involves two simple steps:

  1. Get testing. We will send you a link to share with the current clinical support staff, allowing them to complete the assessments.
  2. Rate performance. Once the team have completed the assessments, you (or their manager) will be asked to rate their job performance. We will give you the template for this. It will be short and simple to complete.

Healthcare Scenarios Assessment (10 minutes):

  • Designed to reflect the day-to-day challenges of the clinical support role – they are asked to select the most and least effective response to a given scenario.

Verbal reasoning assessment (9 minutes):

  • An assessment of their ability to read and interpret written information.

Healthcare Personality Questionnaire (15 minutes):

  • Measures their preferred style of approach when it comes to working.

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