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Why does Clevry offer a free ATS?

For over two decades, Clevry has been a leader in the recruitment industry. We champion a skills-first approach to hiring because we believe it’s the best way to identify top talent. Yet, we found no ATS on the market that matched our philosophy—so we built one.

Our ATS is a gift to recruiters who think ahead. It’s a robust system with impressive features, and we’re excited to offer it to you for free. Keep reading to learn more, or sign up now!

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Here's why you'll love it

Handle an infinite number of job applications and spot the best talents without any limits.

The integrated power of our ability tests, revealing the invaluable interpersonal abilities of each candidate.

Look beyond resumes. Our anonymous hiring feature promotes a fair and inclusive selection process, valuing diversity and skill.

Share your job openings on our shared job board, attracting a wide pool of quality candidates.

How can I predict job performance?

We’ve been revolutionizing recruitment for 20 years, recognizing the power of cognitive ability tests. These tests, crucial in assessing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, go beyond CVs to uncover a candidate’s true potential.

Our approach is simple: use these tests to make smarter hiring decisions and build a more competent workforce. Our ATS includes essential tests like Verbal, Numerical, Abstract, and Checking.

To get you started, our free ATS offers the Verbal Ability Test to transform your recruitment process into an engine for success.

How to get started:

1. Sign up

Register to get your Skills First ATS ready.

2. Create a Project

Launch your first recruitment project, with the ability to manage unlimited applicants for up to two active projects.

3. Publish and Assess

Publish your project and start reaching quality candidates. Spread the word about your job posting!

4. Work efficiently together

Invite two team members and set up to two automated workflows for seamless candidate processing. This lets you concentrate on the most promising applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Seriously, why is this free?

Clevry is a provider of full-suite assessment and recruitment solutions. We're not an ATS vendor.

We ended up making a really functional and solid ATS for our own recruiters. We think many recruiters can benefit from this. Of course we will introduce you to our assessment offering as well, but the ATS can be used as is..

+ What are the limitations of the free ATS?

With our Skills First Applicant Tracking System you can have

  • 2 active recruitment projects
  • 1 recruitment team, with 3 members
  • 2 active Automation Workflows
  • Unlimited candidates
  • + How does the ATS predict job performance?

    Clevry has developed powerfully predictive psychometric assessments that employ leading-edge design principles to deliver assessments that reinforce your employer brand, fulfil your specific needs and powerfully predict job performance.

    Our personality questionnaires, ability tests and situational judgement tests are built to reflect the demands of modern-day organisations and their candidates.

    Our Skills First ATS includes a Social Skill Insights module for free, which can be presented to all of your applicants as they apply. This provides you with a foundation to start making unbiased hiring decisions.

    + Do I need any technological knowledge to start using your ATS?

    You don't! Once you've logged in your ATS will be ready to go.

    + Is this only for recruitment agencies, or can any company use this?

    We believe that our ATS can be useful to anyone, in organizations of any size. If you value a system that supports candidate management and efficient workflows, and a touch assessment technology, then our ATS is for you.

    + Do you offer support for free users?

    We've built a robust onboarding guide into our Freemium ATS. It teaches you the ins and outs of how to get the best out of it. While our Success Managers focus on our paying clients, we can provide basic support via email if you should run into issues.