Why Assessment as a Service?

It’s always recommended to provide candidates with a feedback or exploration discussion after they have completed a psychometric assessment. This is because they can be used to gain deeper insights into a candidate’s traits, motivations and values, giving you a chance to really delve into their results and find out more about what drives them as a person.  


Psychometrics work best when candidates are able to validate the findings from their assessments with examples and insights that come from a having a good feedback discussion.These discussions allow both parties to gain greater insight into whether a candidate and the company are the right fit for each other.

However, we see it time and time again that businesses often don’t have the time, resource or capability to assess candidates and run exploration discussions themselves. So what’s the solution?

Introducing Clevry’s Assessment as a Service…

What is ‘Assessment as a Service’?

In the situations where you would love to offer this opportunity to candidates but do not have the spare time or resource, we can do it for you with our ‘Assessment as a Service’ solution.

This service is for anyone looking to gain maximum value from the use of psychometrics in their selection process. Our Soft Skills experts will support you through designing the whole assessment process, and then conduct 1-2-1 discussions with candidates to draw out powerful insights on their preferences, values and abilities, and provide guidance on how this impacts their suitability for a role. 

Candidates go home with their very own Personal Feedback Report, which provides comprehensive insight into the key findings from their personality profile. It’s a useful tool for considering personal development areas and future career choices and can be given to individuals as part of a development plan or upon completion of one of our personality questionnaires

We will:

  • Recommend the best assessments for the role based on a job analysis 
  • Set up the psychometrics, and liaise with candidates directly to schedule in an exploration discussion
  • Conduct the exploration discussions 1-2-1 with candidates to delve deeper and validate their profile results
  • Share with you (the client) the important insights and results gained from the profile and exploration discussion 


Why use Clevry’s Assessment as a Service? 

Improves candidate engagement.

Even if candidates ultimately aren’t hired, they’ll leave the process with a positive view of the company and feeling like they’ve got something out of it. They will have left with something valuable in exchange for their time for going through the assessments and interviews, which will be a call focused on raising their own self awareness which could support their professional development and help with future applications. If a candidate is successful and is hired, it provides the candidate with a nice early conversation exploring their self-awareness and work preferences which they can keep in mind when in-role.  


Saves you time.

Conducting a job analysis, creating the appropriate psychometric assessments to send out to candidates, booking in the individual exploration discussions, preparing for each discussion, conducting the discussions, taking your insights and results from that session and using it within your decision-making process (take a breath!) all takes a lot of time. With the Clevry offering, it’s outsourced to trained, trusted Soft Skill Experts who work with you, keep you updated, and provide the best service possible.  


Saves training.

In order to conduct a thorough exploration session and deliver it in the best way, you would need to undertake training and then put those skills into practice before interpreting and feeding back profile results to a candidate. It’s vital that the discussion is done in the right way, to support the candidate and gather the most accurate information you can. And to do so in the right way, it requires to around 4 hours of training, costing £/€500 plus some time spent on practice feedback sessions. We recommend each exploration session is given between 45-90 minutes of yours and the candidates’ dedication. Plus around 30 minutes of preparation time for you to interpret the profile results and get ready for the exploration session. Per candidate. It’s a lot of your time being taken up, especially if there are numerous candidates to have this discussion with.

The Clevry Assessment as a Service offering does this all for you, saving you the time and effort required. All you have to do is say yes (via our contact us page below. Although, in all honesty, you will probably need to say a bit more than just ‘yes’ 😁).




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