The Clevry onboarding process

A High-quality, structured onboarding process is a great way to help new employees engage with their new role and workplace. Onboarding is something we focus on heavily at Clevry. It is something we have been doing for years, tweaking every little detail as we go to make it the best onboarding experience possible for our new colleagues.  


I work as a Trainer in Clevry’s sales matrix, which means I am responsible for arranging and developing sales onboardings for all the Sales Development Representatives, Sales Managers and Account Managers – alongside multiple stakeholders in all our offices internationally.

Set new hires up for success

The most intensive onboarding period lasts from two to three weeks at the start of every new Clevry career. Altogether the onboarding process lasts six months – the whole duration of the trial period. This time is set aside for our new employees to get to know Clevry more in-depth and develop their skills further in their new roles.We don’t expect anyone to be perfectly set up and ready to go after their first weeks. Instead, our new employees gradually grow into their new roles during the first few months. As a trainer, I support the team leaders and managers to provide each new Clevry employee with all the tools and support they need during their growth journey.

Right tools for the job

During the first days at Clevry, the onboarding focuses on getting to know the company, our purpose, culture, history, and ways of working. Towards the end of the first week and during the second week, the new hires get more training specific to their new role and the tools they will be using daily. We go through every detail of the new role and responsibilities and make sure you have all the tools necessary to succeed in what you do. The third week of onboarding is usually about applying everything you’ve learned thus far and getting your hands on some actual work.

Onboarding is one area where we help our customers succeed, so naturally, the same high-quality tools are an integral part of our internal onboarding process. The Clevry onboarding report provides tailored information on each new hire based on their personality assessment results, advising on how to maximize their potential and how they can be encouraged to deploy their key strengths in their new role.

“Most of our new employees highlight the onboarding process being one of the best things in starting their Clevry journey.”

Feedback is gold

Feedback regarding the onboarding period is essential for us – it helps us continually improve the process and make it as good as possible for all the future Clevry employees, or the Clever rebels as we like to call our people. Most of our new employees highlight the onboarding process being one of the best things in starting their Clevry journey. The feedback has been positive across the board, which tells us that the effort is paying off. But that doesn’t mean that we’re going to stop there. We keep close track of identifying development needs and making changes based on either feedback or our findings. 

We have recently changed the onboarding of the sales pitch and calling in our Sales Development Representatives’ onboarding plans as we noticed we wanted to set aside more time for sparring actual phone calls before making the first calls out to our customers. In the future, we also aim to integrate the onboarding processes between different teams and business units even further so that every new employee would have a broad understanding of all the great things Clevry has to offer for our customers and job seekers.

All aboard

Helping our new Clever Rebels integrate and engage with their new surroundings and job role is the primary goal of doing quality onboarding as we do, but there is more to that. Through cross-functional onboarding, the new hires can meet many of their new colleagues and network across team and department borders right from the start. This has been the number one thing in their onboarding period for many.

New colleagues, team members, supervisors and, of course, yours truly are there for all our new employees to help you succeed and hit the ground running. Welcome on board!

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