Online verbal reasoning tests

The old/traditional format for a verbal reasoning test was done using pen and paper whilst being held under supervised conditions. Today, due to the wonders of technology, times have changed and candidates will most likely be asked to complete their verbal reasoning tests online.

Online verbal reasoning tests were most commonly used by larger employers within high-volume recruitment processes, although that has changed since the covid pandemic, with a larger number of smaller businesses now using psychometric testing to help support their recruitment in a more virtual environment. Online testing can be used for more than just recruitment… For example, many of our clients will use online tests as part of their training and development processes.

There are two approaches that are likely to be used in an online verbal reasoning test:


Unsupervised remote testing (most likely)

This is the most likely approach by employers as it saves everyone involved both time and cost.

Candidates who have been asked to complete a test in this format will be invited to take an online verbal reasoning test, usually via email. Candidates complete the online test at a time and location of their choosing. This format removes the need for people to oversee the test session.

Supervised online testing (less likely)

This approach is not that different from traditional pen/paper testing. To complete this type of verbal test you will most likely be asked to attend the employers testing centre, usually held at their offices or other location. You will then be asked to sit at a computer to complete an online test however this will be done in the presence of a test administrator. If you’re asked to complete a test in this format then there is little difference with traditional testing in terms of the approach you should take to achieve your best score.


After completion of your online verbal reasoning test your results will be calculated by the online testing system rather than a test administrator, who would have done this in the past. The benefit for the candidate here is that this removes opportunities for any potential scoring error, which would have been the fault of the administrator.

When an employer is using online tests for recruitment they will often use test your results alongside any other information you have provided (such as CVs, application forms and any other supporting documents you may send) to make a pre-selection decision.

When employers use online tests as part of their training and development programmes the intention will be to use the results to guide and explore areas for development. Testing in this context feels much less threatening since the stakes are much lower.


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Online verbal reasoning test advice

In order to perform at your best in an online verbal reasoning test you should follow the below advice;

  • Choose a relaxed & quiet environment
  • Switch off your phone!
  • Give yourself enough time
  • Complete the test in one sitting
  • Focus on completing the test
  • Ignore any distractions
  • Practice before the real thing


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