Developing verbal ability

Your verbal ability is like a muscle. And like any muscle it responds and can be developed by exercising it. Regularly exercising your verbal ability will help it to grow and become stronger. Like all muscles, if you stop using it, it will soon weaken, meaning you will be unlikely to perform at your best if asked to take a verbal reasoning test.


How to practice verbal reasoning?

By completing practice verbal reasoning test questions you can exercise and therefore develop your raw verbal ability. However the benefits of just taking practice tests alone will likely not be enough.

In order to build up your raw verbal ability you will need to combine practice tests with regular use of that ability. When combined with regular use, practice tests will help your verbal ability to become stronger and more well-rounded.

Your raw verbal ability can be developed by any activity that requires regular use of it, for example;

  • Taking part in discussions & debates
  • Completing puzzles & word games (think Wordle, crosswords etc)
  • Reading more complex material than you would usually
  • Analysing any complex written material you may be studying (identifying key themes and finding underlying connections etc)
  • Writing letters, reports and composing written arguments


Like any form of exercise, these activities will bear the most fruit if you are able to integrate them into your day-to-day life so that they become ingrained in whatever you’re doing. If you can make them habitual then your verbal ability will grow steadily each day.

Remember that just as there is an upper limit to our other abilities there’s also an upper limit to our verbal ability! Unfortunately we can’t all be Einstein.

What you can do, however, is combine your knowledge of the test, test taking strategies and ongoing practice to achieve your maximum score.

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