How to understand the sometimes confusing science of predictive hiring

The science behind predictive hiring

  Psychology has its own theories that arguably explain human behaviour in a way that seems impossible to disprove: Ingroup-outgroup bias; cognitive-dissonance resolution; attributional error. They seem, intuitively, like the perfect explanation for why we prefer people who are from the same group as we are, how we try to explain our own stupid actions […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about predictive hiring

Can you really predict job performance

In the recruitment industry, you are never more than four metres away from the next, new, big-idea for doing recruitment better. At Clevry, we like to keep things simple and so we´re here to help explain trends, developments, and fads in recruitment technologies. This month: Predictive Hiring. What is predictive hiring? All hiring is by […]

Quiet quitting: Is this a new workplace phenomenon?

Articles that lead with a yes/no question in the headline inevitably head towards the same answer. Quiet quitting is a trending workplace issue that seems to chime with the post-Covid mood in organisations.   From a psychological perspective, however, it looks like all of this has happened before and will happen again. Looking back, there […]

What happens after taking a numerical reasoning test?

What do my numerical test results mean? Your numerical reasoning test score is unlikely to be simply the number of questions you answered correctly. More often than not, your test results will be calculated on the basis of how your performance compares with other people who have taken the same numerical test before. This comparison […]

What’s the scientific verdict on game-based assessments?

No longer the new kid on the block: What’s the scientific verdict on game-based assessments? It’s been about a decade since Game-Based Assessments hit the scene (at least in the UK) making promises to fundamentally disrupt the world of psychometrics and recruitment. Back in those heady days, Game-Based Assessments (or GBAs – a three-letter-acronym that […]

Can you cheat a numerical reasoning test?

The temptation to cheat on an online numerical reasoning test is understandable; a lot can ride on the results and there’s no test administrator to keep an eye on what you’re doing. The potential for candidate cheating is often a source of anxiety for employers who use online tests for what can often be a […]

Numerical reasoning test advice

No one likes taking tests, especially ones involving any form of maths. We’ve put together a few of our top tips to help you succeed.   Numerical reasoning tests are the most widely used form of numerical ability test. Numerical tests can help to reflect the level of demands for the majority of jobs. The numerical […]

Numerical critical reasoning tests

What is a numerical critical reasoning test? Numerical critical reasoning tests are one of the most advanced forms of numerical reasoning test (a type of ability test). These types of ability tests contain complex and high-level numerical information that is designed to simulate the demands of senior level jobs.

Developing numerical ability

Modern day numerical reasoning tests are used as part of recruitment and training processes to measure your ability to understand, manipulate and make decisions based on numerical information. While answering questions of a numerical nature may come naturally to some, for others it will instil a sense of fear and anxiety. If you belong to […]

Verbal reasoning test advice

Over the last 10 years online recruitment has replaced traditional recruitment methods, a trend that has been exacerbated by the covid pandemic. This trend goes beyond recruitment however, and extends to assessing and selecting candidates too.