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Assess, hire and develop your people

Empower your recruitment process with our comprehensive platform offering everything you need for seamless assessment, recruitment, selection, and development.

From cutting-edge psychometric assessments to team building and leadership development, along with a free ATS and jobs board, manage every aspect of recruitment efficiently within our platform.

Neurodiversity assessment

Over 30 years of psychometric rigour

Benefit from over 30 years of psychometric rigour embodied in the Clevry platform.

Founded in 1991 by Richard Hunter, our team of business psychologists has continuously evolved, with Dr. Alan Redman leading our scientific and technological advancements today. With expertise spanning over 30 years and a legacy of collaboration in developing industry-standard assessments, Clevry ensures unparalleled assessment quality and innovation.

Insightful reports

Gain meaningful insights into candidates’ personality, cognitive abilities, and motivational drivers with Clevry‚Äôs assessments. Our psychometric reports empower recruiters to make better hiring decisions, offering a holistic view of candidates’ potential to excel in the role and cultural fit.¬†

Choose from a variety of useful reports, including personality profiles, onboarding insights, team strengths, leadership suitability or sales potential, to facilitate better informed talent acquisition.

Team strengths report - strengths summary

Easy-to-use assessment platform

Streamline your assessment process with Clevry’s intuitive platform designed for both recruiters and candidates.

With seamless navigation and customisable assessment campaigns, our platform adheres to accessibility guidelines, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all.

Easy ATS integrations

Enhance your recruitment workflow by seamlessly integrating the Clevry assessment platform with your existing ATS provider. 

With compatibility across virtually all ATS platforms and an open API, integration is effortless, ensuring a seamless candidate experience from assessment to onboarding.

Cognitive ability tests - Why are ability tests timed

Elevate your hiring process

Unlock the full potential of your hiring process with Clevry’s comprehensive personality assessments.

From generating tailored interview questions to providing personalised onboarding advice, our platform ensures better interviews, smoother onboarding, and ultimately, a higher quality of hire.

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