Does candidate experience matter in high volume recruitment?

High volume recruitment can be a laborious process, involving sifting through huge amounts of candidates and conducting multiple interviews to find those that sit well within your team. Of course you want these candidates to have the best view of your company before starting their new position, but what about the hundreds of others who […]

Are psychometrics going to steal my job?

In short, no. This is simply not the case. These tools are designed to help make your job simpler, and your decisions more objective, NOT do your job for you.

Do psychometric assessments put off candidates?

We used to hear clients worry about this one a lot, and I can see why some companies would be concerned, as it is a common misconception among candidates that psychometric assessments are designed to catch them out or trick them in some way.

Job Crafting: How to Get the Most out of Your Job

On a grey Monday in April you may find yourself staring into oblivion, past what is waiting to be completed on your computer screen. Do you like your job? Of course. You just find it hard to stay motivated and complete tasks that aren’t always best suited to you.

18 Questions to Ask a Psychometric Test Provider

Implementing psychometric assessments in your company’s hiring process will help you make more effective and informed hiring decisions and reduce costly bad hires. Measuring candidates’ cognitive abilities, behaviours, personality traits, motivation, and values provides you with a comprehensive view of the job applicants allowing you to better predict job performance and cultural fit within your […]

Do Psychometric Assessments Actually Work?

Every so often we get people asking about how psychometrics work. This will often be accompanied with some element of doubt, and understandable discomfort about using them to make recruitment decisions.

Leadership icebreakers: 6 quick ways to break the ice

It’s important to train your leaders to improve their self-confidence and efficacy, shaping individuals to reach their full potential. Effective icebreakers are useful not only for the training attendees but for you! The comfort it generates will also benefit you as the coordinator and make independent and outspoken potential leaders easier to handle. Firstly, as […]