15 personality traits for success in hospitality roles

To excel in hospitality roles requires specific personality traits and competencies. People working in the hospitality industry are in constant contact with customers, providing services that can make or break an individual’s experience, and hiring the right personality can be the difference between a guest returning or seeking alternatives. It is, therefore, crucial to identify […]

Power skills vs Soft skills – Is there a difference?

HR buzzwords come and go, but some terms have the ability to redefine how we think about the modern workplace. “Power skills” and “soft skills” are two such terms that have gained traction. These terms are often used interchangeably, but are they the same? What exactly are power skills? Let’s take a closer look. What […]

Are psychometric tests reliable?

The use of psychometric tests in workplaces, particularly in recruitment and selection, has grown rapidly over the past few decades. Businesses are increasingly leaning on them to glean insights into their potential employees and to avoid costly mis-hires. But how do psychometric tests work, what do the results tell you, and most importantly, can you […]

How to write an RFP for candidate assessment software

Finding the right candidate assessment software for your organization can be a challenging task. With numerous solutions available in the market and new providers emerging, it’s crucial to approach the selection process strategically. One effective way to gather comprehensive information about potential vendors and their offerings is by using a well-structured Request for Proposal (RFP). […]

Isn’t it time we stopped talking about talent shortage?

While we’re waiting for robots to take over all our jobs, there is still a need for human beings. With the latest artificial intelligence applications like ChatGPT, AI has taken the professional world by storm, promising to boost productivity and free professionals from their tedious tasks. But at the same time, the talk about talent […]

Software developer soft skills – A data exploration

In software development, the demand for technical expertise is undeniable. The ability to code and debug software solutions forms the foundation of a developer’s skill set. While strong hard skills are crucial, soft skills play a significant role in developers’ overall effectiveness and success. For hiring managers and talent professionals, it is essential to understand […]

How to hire creative employees

According to a McKinsey report, business leaders expect that by 2026, half of their revenue will come from products or services that do not yet exist. The pace of innovation in companies is accelerating, so what does this mean for their talent strategies, and how can companies ensure they have the proper hiring practices in […]

How can talent assessments help you hire better

There are several upsides to using talent assessments in your hiring process. The main benefit of using talent assessments is that they provide a more holistic view of a candidate than traditional methods, such as resumes and interviews. Assessments can also speed up the recruitment process by providing a more objective and efficient way to […]

What are talent assessments?

What are talent assessments?

Modern working life is changing, and hiring methods must keep up. Rapid technological change is driving work life to be increasingly soft skills intensive, and having the necessary hard skills to do the job no longer suffices. As the world of work changes, more and more companies are turning to new ways of assessing their […]

Five common hiring biases and how to avoid them

5 common hiring biases & how to avoid them

It is estimated that the average adult makes around 35,000 decisions per day! Some are simple decisions, such as what to eat for breakfast, but others are more complex. Whom to hire for a job opening is one that requires much more consideration. Unconscious bias comes in many forms affecting all human decision-making, and recruitment […]