How to Hire a Good Salesperson

How to hire a good salesperson

Hiring the right salesperson is vital to growing your business, bringing in more customers, and ultimately earning enough money to keep your employees in a job. But what makes a great salesperson, and more importantly, what steps can you take to ensure you hire the best salesperson around? In this article, we’ll look into the […]

6 Proven benefits of hiring remote workers

Dolly Parton’s famous lyric “Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin”, has lost some relevance in today’s professional world. In 2020, the global pandemic beckoned a new era of remote working, and, for many, rushing to the office by 9 am became a distant memory.     Nearly half of employees worked remotely […]

Platform updates: October 2022

Platform updates - october 2022

As we settle into Autumn we thought we’d share a few updates that we’ve recently made to improve the my.clevry platform. Customise Bulk Invite Email Invitations This month we’ve added a new feature allowing you to customise the bulk invite candidate invitation emails. Previously, you could only do this for emails that candidates receive when […]

Why use psychometric assessments in hiring?

Recruitment is always a two-way street. Organisations are looking for the ideal candidate to fit the role and the company culture. The candidate is looking for a position that suits their values and skills and where they can best utilise their strengths. We sat down with Clevry’s Head of Psychology, Laura Harrison, to discuss the […]

The Clevry onboarding process

A High-quality, structured onboarding process is a great way to help new employees engage with their new role and workplace. Onboarding is something we focus on heavily at Clevry. It is something we have been doing for years, tweaking every little detail as we go to make it the best onboarding experience possible for our […]

Effective leadership skills to drive workplace success

While workplace success depends upon hiring the right employees, effective leadership skills are essential to an organisation’s prosperity. The “trickle-down effect” is one of the most explicit examples of what happens at the top trickles down to the bottom, possibly infiltrating every division or employee of a company.    Take an Honest Look at Morale […]

Why Assessment as a Service?

It’s always recommended to provide candidates with a feedback or exploration discussion after they have completed a psychometric assessment. This is because they can be used to gain deeper insights into a candidate’s traits, motivations and values, giving you a chance to really delve into their results and find out more about what drives them […]

What are my strengths?

It is well-known that confidence and a little self-promotion go a long way in the job search, so you need to identify your unique strengths to promote them. If you are confident about yourself and your skills, a new employer finds it easier to be confident in you. But self-promotion is not something we all […]

Can psychometric tests reduce hiring bias?

As organisations, both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups, look for ways to enhance diversity and eliminate hiring bias from the recruitment process, more and more businesses are adopting psychometric tests in the pre-employment stage to eliminate the challenge. Psychometric tests measure a candidate’s cognitive abilities and workplace personality through logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and personality […]

An introduction to personality questionnaires

Gain powerful insights into the strengths, styles and motivations of people at work, details of which are provided inour portfolio of engaging reports Extensively validated over 30 years of development and used by major employers across the world Two comprehensive off-the-shelf questionnaires or the unique option to create your own bespoke personalityquestionnaire Occupationally orientated items […]