The recruitment process: everything you need to know

The recruitment process

What is the recruitment process?  The recruitment process starts with attracting new talent and ends with onboarding the right candidate for the role. To find the ideal candidate, recruiters must screen potential candidates, narrow down applicants, conduct interviews and finally decide who they will hire.  Many companies have an in-house recruitment manager, while others outsource […]

15 team building activities for work

15 Team building activities for work

What are good team-building activities? Good team-building activities offer a fun way for colleagues to get to know each other, boost team morale, reduce team conflicts, and encourage problem-solving. By collaborating with colleagues on team-building exercises, employees get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, build trust, and improve communication.   When colleagues work well together, […]

Problem solving skills: the ultimate guide

Problem solving skills - ultimate guide

What are problem-solving skills in a work context? Surprisingly, some people who are excellent at solving problems in their personal lives might not be expert problem solvers in the workplace. People who have problem-solving skills in the workplace can handle challenges and adapt well to unforeseen circumstances by calmly evaluating the situation. Because these skills […]

How to improve recruitment in the public sector with psychometric tests  

Improving public sector recruitment with psychometric tests

What are public sector jobs? Unlike private sector jobs, which are based in companies owned by a private citizen, a public sector job is a position held in an organisation owned and managed by the government.  There are all sorts of public sector jobs in the United Kingdom and other countries, from police officers to teachers […]

Skills for effective leadership: The top soft skills you need to succeed 

Skills for effective leadership

Back in the 19th century, famous historian Thomas Carlyle said that “leaders are born, not made.” However, like many things in life, becoming a great leader is a skill that can be learned, and success depends on practising a combination of smaller soft skills over many years. This article will look at the top soft […]

What is skills-first hiring?

What is skills-first hiring?

Simply put, skills first hiring is a talent management strategy that directly focuses on skills rather than how they’ve been acquired, i.e., through university. The first-skills approach often has a five times better success rate than hiring strictly on educational achievements. Why the recruitment industry is becoming more skills-focused  According to one report, over three […]

5 employee retention strategies to improve your attrition rates

5 employee retention strategies

Attrition rates explained Simply put, an attrition rate is a rate at which employees depart an organisation. It essentially counts the number of people who depart, either voluntarily or involuntarily. It is frequently reported as a percentage and is one of the key data points that HR monitors to learn more about the state of […]

Creativity in the workplace 


Are you a right-brained thinker or a left-brain thinker? If you’re highly creative, chances are you’ve been called a right-brained thinker and maybe even identified as such. However, the idea that creative people work mostly with the right side of their brain while logical people use their left side is a complete myth. Of course, […]

Decision-making skills 101

Decision making skills 101 - How to improve decision making skills at work

What are decision-making skills? Someone with excellent decision-making skills can quickly and effectively make a judgement by evaluating the information at hand while considering the short and long-term consequences of their decision.  Good decision-makers make small yet important choices that shape daily working life, such as scheduling a meeting, but can just as easily make […]

The importance of communication skills – all you need to know

The importance of communication skills - Clevry

Being a good communicator can get you far in life and even further in your career. By constructively sharing ideas and discussing issues with colleagues, managers, and customers, you can increase employee morale, engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction in the workplace.  In this article, we’ll look at what it means to be a good communicator […]