Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.

Recruitment agency psychometric tests

Assessments for growing recruitment and staffing agencies. User-friendly platform for all your assessment needs. Use internally to identify your top performers or externally to deliver value for clients and stand out from the crowd.



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Internal use

High employee turnover is one of the biggest challenges recruitment agencies face. Predict job performance, reduce turnover and identify your top performers.


internal use


External use

Competition is fierce, and speed of delivery is critical. Sift candidates quickly and accurately. Use data to communicate why your candidate is best suited for the role. 


external use



For internal use

Benchmark against the best

It's no secret that the recruitment industry has a high employee turnover. We've identified key competencies that drive success based on a study on what correlates with high performance within the recruitment industry. By combining psychometric test data with actual job performance, we've created a suite of assessments to help you predict job success for your in-house recruitment professionals and reduce turnover.

Our Top Performer assessment suite includes a situational judgement test, ability test and personality questionnaire specifically for hiring recruiters and salespeople.


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Sales roles

Compare candidates to the industry norm: Account Managers, Sales reps, Key Account Managers and Team Leaders

Recruiter roles

Compare candidates to the industry norm: Recruitment consultants 180/360, Researchers,  Recruitment assistants and Team leaders

Your top performers

Our pre-employment test helps increase your in-house candidate quality and helps you attract, engage and educate your candidates.

Customisable assessments 

Easily create assessment campaigns for recruitment and development processes. Choose your assessments from personality questionnaires, ability tests and situational tests.


Increase in recruiter success rate


Increase in candidate quality


Reduction in sourcing time


Increase in applicant volume


For external use

Improve service quality and add more value

In most assignments, companies are using several recruitment agencies at the same time - thus, speed of delivery is critical. Furthermore, in most cases, the candidates' CV matters less than their soft skills.

So how do you win the race? How do you find candidates that match the clients' roles or values, and how do you communicate that to your client?

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Effective screening

Sift large candidate volumes with accuracy and quality. Make sure you put best candidates forward in the process.

Identify best fit

Measure the candidates' role fit with help of role specific personality questionnaires and ability tests. 

Easier hiring decisions

Use data to communicate why your candidate is best suited for the role and help your clients make the final hiring decision.


Added value

Extend your service delivery post-placement by guiding the client's line manager with our onboarding report. Increase customer stickiness.


Make better hiring decisions


Psychometric test data is the most effective predictor of job performance, outperforming other selection methods such as interviews, references and CVs. Test data combined with actual job performance will give you the ultimate competitive advantage when recruiting. 


Our personality questionnaires, cognitive ability tests and situational judgement tests offer a robust solution that is free from bias. Our assessments are standardised to ensure that gender, age and nationality cannot be a factor when recruiting. 


Clevry - View candidate

Assess the traits that matter

Clevry assessments have been developed and rigorously tested to help you to identify your best people and develop their performance at work. 

Use our off-the-shelf assessments or easily create your own personality questionnaires and assess the traits that matter. 

Our platform offers unrivalled flexibility, easy integrations and device responsiveness, while candidates can be assessed at any time of day.  

Recruitment agency psychometric tests

Actionable insights on every candidate

The Clevry algorithm helps you compare your candidates to the industry standard.

Easily find top-performing candidates that best match the traits related to industry success.



  • Do psychometric tests slow down the recruitment process?

    No. We can share plenty of case studies and experiences to prove that assessments will not slow it down. Assessments actually can improve the efficiency and reduce the time spent doing admin.

  • Do assessments hurt the candidate experience?

    Not when used wisely. If you are searching for a unicorn, it might be wise to not use assessments.

    However, in most cases Clevry’s assessments can actually engage the candidates more and they are able to get personal feedback and development tools out of your recruitment processes.

  • Will implementing psychometric tests increase our workload?

    Not if you use them right. Many of our clients have been able to reduce their recruiters’ workload by introducing the Clevry Assessment Platform to their recruitment processes. 

  • What if a candidate does not perform well in the assessments?

    Assessing soft skills is the best predictor of future job performance, so you should consider the results and what they indicate. That being said, decision to continue with a candidate should not be made only based on one isolated element.

    Firstly, you should ask for the candidate’s input and experience when they filled the assessments. You can give them a second chance or take other factors into account if you see that the candidate is a good fit for the position.


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