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Intelligent recruiting means more than just selecting the right candidates for the job. Without a thorough onboarding process, new hires are left disengaged or overwhelmed, often leading to early resignation.

However, when new team members undergo a structured and thorough on boarding process, huge increases in employee retention, engagement and productivity are seen.

So just how do you improve your onboarding process?

Our onboarding reports are designed to ensure a seamless and productive integration of new recruits into your organisation. Based on each individual’s responses, the onboarding report advises managers on how to utilise each new employee’s strengths and preferences, thereby maximising their potential whilst also cultivating healthy leadership behaviours.

Make their first day memorable

First impressions count, ensure that their workstation is ready to go and that their first day is well structured so that they aren’t left wondering what to do or where to go.

Form new relationships

Joining a new team can be daunting. Make sure that the new person is introduced to their colleagues and if possible, put some time aside for them to get to know each other in an informal setting.

Cultivate nurturing leadership

The role of the line manager is crucial. Ensure that they invest time early on to get to know the new recruit and find out how they can help them reach their full potential.

Keep it up

Extend the process throughout the first year of employment with regular updates and informal meetings with their line manager to praise progress and set new goals.

Set expectations early and often

By setting goals for new recruits as soon as they join you can ensure that they know exactly what is expected of them, thereby reducing confusion and disengagement.

Utilise psychometric data

The on-boarding report gives your business tailored information on each new recruit, allowing you to provide adaptable inductions that fit their specific needs.


Good onboarding reduces the costs of learning on the job as employees will have a clear idea of their responsibilities from the outset. It saves co-workers and supervisors valuable time training the new employee, meaning a more productive workforce.

Our onboarding report encourages a structured and insightful approach to on-boarding.

Generated from the individual’s unique responses to a personality questionnaire, the contents outline their preferred working styles, motivations and interpersonal approach. Providing line managers with bespoke advice, the report can be seamlessly incorporated into introductory meetings as a springboard for discussion and goal setting.

Elegant and easy to use, the report explains exactly how to get the best from the new recruit.

Onboarding new hires


Individual leadership insights

Our Onboarding report

Our Onboarding Report helps identify the most effective ways to get your new recruit off to a great start in their new role.

The Onboarding Report provides managers with tailored information on each new recruit, advising on how to maximise their potential and how they can be encouraged to deploy their key strengths in their new role.

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