Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.

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Find your Joy at Work with help of soft skills and our free career tools.
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Assessment Service

Have an assessment need that you don't want, or don't have time to do yourself? Let us do it for you. Our assessment service is the perfect choice to add a powerful and predictive assessment to the recruitment process with minimal time effort.


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About assessment service

This service is for anyone looking to gain maximum value from the use of psychometrics in their selection process. Candidate's soft skills and overall suitability for the role are assessed on Clevry's own platform. Our team will conduct 1-2-1 discussions with your candidates to glean powerful insights on their preferences, values, motivations and abilities, and provide guidance on how this impacts their suitability for a role.


We take the hard work out of your hands

Our experts will manage this process for you, including building the assessment profile, managing candidate completions, and running the 1-2-1 discussions. This allows you to add a valuable step in your recruitment process, which requires minimal resource on your part.


How it works


Assessment design

We recommend the best assessments for the role based on job description and discussions with you.

Candidate assessment

We set up assessments and manage the process of candidate completions, liasing direct with the candidate.

Candidate 1-2-1

A Clevry certified expert has a discussion with each candidate to delve into their assessment results.

Client discussion

We provide expert insights to the client based on the assessment results and candidate discussions.





Add a powerful and predictive assessment to the recruitment process, with minimal time investment from your side.


Bring psychometric profiles to life and understand in detail how a candidates' preferences fit with your role profile.


Gain in-depth insights into candidate Soft Skills' strengths and development areas to inform your decision making process.


Explore the culture fit of individual candidates' with your organisations values.


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