Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.


Find your Joy at Work with help of soft skills and our free career tools.

Soft Skills Engine

Talent acquisition and assessment, done more clevry. 


What is the Soft Skills Engine?

The soft skills engine is what powers our scientifically designed assessment and selection platform and talent acquisition process. It makes sure we maximise the chances of a successful hire. Every. Single. Time.


Driving organisational success and joy at work

By utilising the soft skills engine across recruitment and development processes, organisations can achieve greater success at work.

Ensuring every position is filled by people who match both the desired traits for the role, team and company culture leads to higher job performance and increased joy at work for employees.

Our scientifically designed model drives effective hiring decisions, improved job-performance, employee motivation and helps deliver greater organisational success across the board.    

Soft Skills engine - joy at work

Soft skills engine - talent acquisition matching

1) For Matching

Focusing on the traits and abilities that correlate with success in a specific role, industry or organisation.

Soft skills engine - talent acquisition

2) For Selection

Comparing the final candidates objectively and highlighting any potential blind spot or de-railers.

Soft skills engine - talent acquisition interviews

3) For Interviews

Better hiring decisions through structured, strategic interviews and knowing what areas to focus on. 

Soft skills engine - talent acquisition onboarding new hires

4) For Onboarding

Getting the most out of your new hires by utilising their strengths and preferences so they hit the ground running.

Soft skills engine - talent acquisition and development

5) For Development

Development of your team members and business leaders. Understand what good looks like, who you're hiring, who is likely to become your top performers and unearth potential future leaders. 


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