Core competencies

Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


Focus on what drives job and organisational performance from candidate sifting to employee development. Do it yourself through our platform or let us help you.
Hard skills


Training & upskilling for IT & Tech roles

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Are you suffering from the IT talent shortage?

Train, upskill and empower your new hires across a range of tech roles with Accelerate by Clevry


Candidates rule the market

Candidates rule the labour market. People are changing jobs at an unprecedented rate. Your preferred candidates are not always available and there is a fierce competition for the most skilled workers.


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''I need more experienced talent''

There are many highly motivated junior candidates but very often they lack necessary hard skills to excel in the role. Onboarding and training these candidates is time and resource heavy.


Training areas


Typical roles include:

Data Engineers

Data Scientists


Data Competence




Typical roles include:

Test Automation Engineers

DevOps Specialists


QA Competence



Typical roles include:

Cloud Developers

Cloud Specialists


Cloud Competence


The Process

Save time and money by training and upskilling your new hires to increase their competency for the role. 


Profile definition and scheduling


Hybrid search to maximise candidate amount


Validating job-fit with soft skills interview


Hiring decisions made by client after transparent search process


New hire has first day of employment


Training, upskilling and ongoing development to support onboarding


Access to learning platform


Performance follow up and the possibility to hire

Candidate backgrounds

Candidates go through Clevry's job fit validation during the outsourced recruitment process. It includes role-specific assessments and soft skills interviews. The hiring decision is always made by the client, and those who get shortlisted will already have a solid background in the necessary areas. See the examples on the right.

Accelerate training programs deepen the knowledge of your new hires meaning they are much more productive and engaged.

Accelerate helps your company save time and to recruit committed and productive talent.

  • Data Engineer

    • M.Sc. Information and Service
    • 4 years of work experience in the
      areas of ETL, BI and DW
    • Strong tech skills: SQL, SQL Server,
      SSIS, SAS DIS, Tableau, Git, Jira,
    • Practical, rigorous ja detail
  • Data Scientist

    • M.Sc. Economics, minors mathematics, statistics and computer science
    • Appr. 2 years of work experience in financial reporting and modelling
    • Masters R and SQL and has excellent mathematical skills to analyse and model
    • Rigorous, analytical and gregarious
  • Test Automation Engineer

    Example background

    • M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering, minor information technology
    • 4 year of part-time work experience of optimizing designs with Python
    • Strong tech skills: Python, C++ and JavaScript
    • Rational, rigorous, detail focused and listening

  • Test Automation Specialist

    • M. Sc. Physics, minor information
      technology and mathematics
    • Internships in software
      development regarding IoT solutions and modelling and also personal programming projects
    • Strong tech skills: Java, Python,
      C++, C, Git, SQL, XML, JSON
    • Listening, rational and direct
  • Cloud Developer

    • B. Sc. Information Technology
    • 1,5 years of work experience in software development
    • Good tech skills: Java, JavaScript,
      React, HTML and SQL
    • Rational, creative, rigorous and listening
  • Cloud Specialist

    • Vocational education in IT
    • 4 years of experience in system support and administration
    • Basic level of programming:
      HTML, C#, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.
    • Gregarious, listening and


Upskill & empower new hires

Upskill and empower your new hires. Increase their competency across a range of different tech roles

Saves time and resources

Save valuable time and resource by training and upskilling your more junior hires, so they have the full skillset to thrive in the role

Online or in-person training

Training will be undertaken either in-person on via an intuitive online learning platform*

Learn public cloud 

Training for the most popular cloud computing services such as AWS, Azure or GCP*

Flexible timing

Timing and schedule are planned based on your need and preference*


The need can be for 1, 10 or 100 people. Our solution scales easily*

Onboarding 2.0

By using data driven methods we maximise the likelihood for employees' excellent job performance. We measure accurately the qualities and soft skills that are proven to be the best predictor of job performance.

We find the most suitable candidates and deepen their hard skills for the IT positions in the beginning of the employment.


*Depending on course selected and training requirements


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