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Our sales department is our main contact with future and existing clients. As a salesperson you collaborate with a wide range of companies and managers within them. Their goal is to, in the best way possible, guide our clients and advice on questions regarding recruitment and assessment. Our sales department are in charge of establishing and developing collaborations and making sure our services are tailored for each client.

Furthermore, they are responsible for all contract negotiations and framework agreements. We have several different positions within the Sales Department such as Account Manager, Sales Development Representative and Bid Manager. Our teams within sales all contribute to fantastic results, energy, and overall appreciated client partnerships. 


Sales Development

Our Sales Development team works from the heart of our growth goals, enabling new customer encounters. This Helsinki-based team is the first contact with our customers from all over the world. Working in Sales Development gives the opportunity to master the beginning of b2b-sales cycle by booking meetings for our Account Managers and Sales Managers. The role of Sales Development Representative is all about quality prospecting by finding potential leads, connecting with customers and informing potential clients on which service we can provide.  

SDR’s possess the ability to have a conversation with various customers and a fearless strive for reaching goals. This role is the first step when it comes to being successful in b2b-sales. The Sales Development team is known for their ability to smoothly reach settled goals and celebrate success daily, but also in their own gala. It is also known that colleagues from other functions are affected by this team's good vibes and the whole company enjoys the joy that this team creates continuously.  

Career stories


Elina Auvinen

Sales Development

“I actually cried happy tears when I got the call, because I felt like the company culture was a perfect match with what I was looking for”


Andreas Dajen


‘’ We went from a small, undeveloped company to a thriving company with a very strong culture and with a high competence level and I am so proud of being a part of it. ’’

rebecca test1

Rebecca Alt


“The sales profession is all about relationships, being sensitive to others and listening to their needs to help them accordingly.”