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Susann Bergström

Financial Coordinator, Sweden

“ A recruiting company felt like a great way for me to keep the social part, but still be able to work with mixed financial tasks. ”



Susann works at Clevry’s finance department and is responsible for invoicing our clients and ensuring that our consultants get their salary on time. But her journey to finance and Clevry was not obvious.

“I come from a background of sales and cosmetics. I had my own company as a dermatologist and coached sales staff. However, I wanted to work more analytical and with numbers, but still keep the social part, so I began studying to become a payroll clerk”, Susann explains.

At the end of her education, Susann came in contact with Clevry’s internal recruiter through a mutual friend, and after that, it went fast from there.

“It sounded like a very exciting industry to be in, and a recruiting company felt like a great way for me to keep the social part but still work with mixed financial tasks”, Susann says.

Susann describes her eleven months at Clevry as very developing, and she wants to highlight how much she has grown into her role and as a person during this short amount of time.

“I was - and still am very new as a payroll coordinator. I have handled the entire payroll process from start to finish all by myself and had to take a lot of personal responsibility from day one, which has helped develop my skills. Then my onboarding was a bit special, as it was in the middle of the covid pandemic, so everything was digital ", says Susann and laughs.

Susann’s opinion is that it has exceeded expectations to get into the corporate culture and the role despite the digital onboarding. She believes that it is because all her colleagues have been so helpful.

“Digital has become the new normal. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraged me to ask about everything possible, which may otherwise be experienced as a threshold when you are new and sitting at home. Clevry is a fantastic fun company, with great energy ", Susann concludes.





Susann's Top 3 soft skills

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