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Our role specific competency frameworks focus on the crucial soft skills that drive job performance.


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Business Psychology

Business Psychology team operates from the UK and consists of our business psychologists who work on developing psychometric assessments, delivering training sessions, providing consultancy and advising clients on how to get the most from both their assessments and recruitment processes.

They also facilitate and lead a number of sessions & training programmes including test user training, employee development programmes and leadership or organisational change programmes. 

Career stories


Preeya Patel

Business Psychology

“We get all the benefits of working in small teams closely with one another, but we have the support of a bigger company behind us, which is great.”


Andreas Tiborson


“I am in contact with many HR managers and when you talk about culture, you understand that there is not always a real corporate culture and then you realise that we are quite unique with what we have.”


Iina Rautio


“ Being able to help people find and obtain their dream job always gives me a kick, and I’ve had some truly eye-opening discussions with job seekers and career changers. ”