The World without Cloud Talents

- Accelerate Cloud by Clevry webinar

By watching the webinar you will learn:

  • Why do we need cloud expertise?

  • What would the world look like without cloud services?

  • Why should your company be interested in resourcing cloud talents?

Length: 30 minutes

Watch the webinar on-demand and learn more about cloud talent resourcing!



We live in the age where the amount of technology and data is enormous. Cloud services is one of the fastest growing platforms that combines them both. However, there exists a huge Cloud talent shortage. Why is that? 

In the World without cloud talents webinar Clevry’s Key Account Manager and Concept Lead Roope Rajala and Nordcloud’s COO Jan Kritz discuss about cloud services and platforms, and cloud talent resourcing.

Jan Kritz-1

Jan Kritz

Jan Kritz is a seasoned account, business and operative leader from various global service providers with experience also as CEO of Nordcloud for the past three years before IBM acquisition. He has a passion to empower customers with value from the technology.


Roope Rajala

Roope Rajala is a learning enthusiast who enjoys challenging himself daily. With background in Adult Education and Work Psychology he has worked in Talent Management industry for 5 years. His focus is in finding solutions that create world class experience to his clients.