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Strategic Interview Questions

Using assessments to create strategic interview questions ask candidates


Developing strategic interview questions

Interviewing candidates can be one of the most time consuming parts of the recruitment process. 

Knowing specifically what questions to ask your candidates during an interview will go a long way to determining the quality of answers you get.

Therefore asking the right questions is key to hiring the best candidates. 

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Create strategic interview questions with assessments

We believe in utilising the power of psychometric assessments throughout the entirety of the recruitment process to gain a better understanding of your candidates.  

After assessing your candidates the Clevry platform guides you through the interview process by providing advice and questions that are specific to each candidate, based on their personality profile.

Strategic interview questions to ask candidates - Interviewer report - good questions to ask

Introducing The Interviewer Report 

The Interviewer Report summarises the key findings of your candidate’s personality by drawing on their strongest aspects to highlight potential strengths and challenges. 

Based on their assessment results, the report will suggest a number of strategic interview questions to ask the candidate determined by their score on a particular personality scale. 

The report also draws on a candidate’s ability test scores, to show how aptitude in certain areas may affect their ability to deal with the demands of the role. 

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Getting more from your interviews

The Interviewer Report shows how candidate self reported their tendencies/preferences for each personality scale and provides you with questions you can use at interview.

When interviewing the candidate using the Interviewer report, you can probe on specific areas that otherwise would have remained hidden. 

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