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Leadership Report

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What’s in the Leadership Report?

The Clevry Leadership Report provides valuable insight into an individual’s leadership potential, indicating their work styles, strengths and preferences relating to leadership roles.

Derived from years of experience and research, this model is designed to help identify personality characteristics that are typically associated with successful leadership, and how these might determine the leadership style that the individual is likely to adopt.

The Leadership Report is predominantly used by line managers, HR colleagues and coaches, and is delivered through our online assessment platform.

Leadership Report Model

The Leadership Report is based on the Clevry Leadership Model, with leadership potential being displayed across 12 attributes which fall under 4 key areas:

Leadership report model

What's in the Leadership Report?

All Clevry reports have a page dedicated to ensuring users fully understand the background and purpose of the report, how to correctly interpret the results it presents, the conditions of using the report and where further information can be found about the candidate.

What it looks like

Each page of the Leadership Report explores an individuals ability to be successful in leadership.

The recipients score is provided, along with a brief overview of what the leadership attribute would look like in the workplace, and covers where certain traits may act as a strength or potential area of concern when having to lead others and drive the organisation forward.

This will help inform you of a potential leader’s ability to succeed in a leadership role based on the results of their personality questionnaire and tendencies in the workplace.


Leadership Report - find and hire the best leaders

Leadership Summary

The first page of the Leadership Report displays an individual’s leadership potential.

This allows you to see the areas of their personality that hold the most potential in terms of possessing traits and qualities associated with successful leadership.

The leadership report is a valuable tool when recruiting for high level positions.

Leadership Report - find your future leaders

Leading People

Working with others, connecting and networking, supporting others.

Offers insight into the individual’s tendencies and preferences in relation to working with others; including connecting with peers and managing direct reports

Leadership Report - find your future leaders - leading people

Leading Tasks

Decision making and ambiguity, achievement, ethical stance.

Looks at how the individual might approach tasks and decisions. This relates to their values, drive, and prioritisation in terms of the projects that they lead

Leadership Report - find your future leaders - tasks

Leading Yourself

Impact, confidence and self belief, coping with pressure.

Explores how the individual might deal with the emotional demands that come with adopting leadership responsibilities and bearing influence over others.

Leadership Report - high level assessment